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The Bonded Box is an experience, aided by a curated collection of items*, helping couples foster a deeper connection.  Intimacy is about taking the time to connect with the people you care about and The Bonded Box experience is here to help.  The items of the box may vary but the connection you make can last a lifetime.  

*The items of the box may vary and do not reflect the opinions or intentions of the brands included in the box. 


Our Mission is to help others enhance intimacy and feel more deeply connected to their partners with a fun and whimsical experience.  We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us and are rewarded with a fulfilling relationship with yourself and your partner. 


The Bonded Box was inspired by friendship and understanding, the true base of any beautiful relationship.  For years, as friends, the founders had long conversations discussing how to better connect with the partners in their own lives.  We wish we could tell you that this idea grew because we are all pros at relationships.  The truth is we have been just as susceptible to disconnection as the next couple.  So here, we have taken both our failures and triumphs into consideration as we curated experiences to encourage others to bond.  There are no guarantees, but if your connection is good we hope you find greatness, and if your connection is not so good we hope this helps find you better. We are passionate about fostering intimacy at any stage and look forward to a world that feels more deeply connected. 



Dreamers. Lovers. Inspirers.

Get to know a little more about the founders of THE BONDED BOX.

We would like for you to get to know us and what inspired us to

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The Bonded Box

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