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You Asked, We Answered.

These are our most frequently asked questions.  If we are still missing something please feel free to email us at

What Makes The Bonded Box Different from every other Intimacy Company on the Market?

The Bonded Box is a fun entertainment experience that at its core is promoting love and connection.  It does not matter if you are single or in a long term relationship there is a product for you.  As a women owned small start-up passionate about bonding, our aim is for everyone to feel more connected on their intimacy journey with themselves/their partner after using our products.

What Makes The Founders of The Bonded Box Qualified to create a Product Line of Intimacy Experiences?

We have extensive experience in the school of life.  Collectively, the group feels that this is more important when creating a product than any degrees that we hold.  With that said, we have advanced degrees and years of training in the medical, mental health and educational fields of work.  Our true passion is connecting with others. With that, we designed a product that emphasizes the importance of connection as the base for any healthy relationship and this is the inspiration for the experiences available at

What Makes “Where Intimacy Being, The Workbook” Special?

We feel that having an easy and fun read with tips and tricks for connecting with yourself and your partner is an essential part of the experiences we offer.  Oftentimes, when looking for intimacy products the content misses the mark to connect people on both an emotional and physical level.  We feel true deep connections are formed when both of these areas are encouraged and this is reflected throughout the chapters of this workbook which was written by us.  

Why Include Adult Novelty Items in Some of The Experiences?

These are included in our Transitional and Advanced Experiences.  The decision to include adult novelty items in some of our products was made after careful consideration and research.  Including sex toys in the packages can offer a novel experience for couples.  This can bring refreshing excitement to the bedroom and offer a change in the traditional approach to physical connection.  Additionally, many people have difficulty with arousal and climax.  This can happen for many reasons (too many to list here) but these tools can offer an additional way for individuals and couples to connect and experience pleasure together.  Simply put, toys are fun.  

Why include experiences at different levels of connection?

We feel it is important to create experiences that are comfortable for any person visiting the site.  Not everyone is interested in adult novelty products and we feel it is important that there are connection materials available for couples at every intimacy level.  It is understandable that some of the products on the site may feel too adventurous for some.  Consider checking out The Entryway Collection if you find yourself in this category.  Additionally, if you find that our products are not adventurous enough we do offer a consultation and custom option called The Concierge Experience available under The Advanced Collection line.  

What is the benefit of Subscribing?

Taking the time to subscribe to our site will make you the first to know about our new product launches.  Additionally, you will be allowed to post and interact with the founders on the blog pages. Most importantly, you will be eligible to receive exclusive promotional offers that aren’t available anywhere else.  Subscribe Now.

Do you work with Influencers?

We love having the opportunity to work with influencers across all social media platforms.  If you are interested in collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us at

How do you choose your vendors?

We do extensive research and product testing when deciding what to include in the experiences available at The Bonded Box.  Each and every product has been carefully considered.  Additionally, whenever possible we love to work with small businesses.  If you are interested in partnering with The Bonded Box please contact us at

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