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A Fun Twist on Date Night with The Bonded Box

Are you ready to enhance the intimate connection between you and your partner? Are you ready to add some spontaneity and excitement into your relationship? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We are here to share the importance of adding date night into your romantic partnership. Strengthening your bond through spending quality time together is essential in building a strong and healthy relationship. Planning fun activities such as a date night in, or a date night out, are wonderful options when looking to connect on a deeper level. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Activities such as a cooking class, dance class, rock climbing, and/or ordering an Intimacy kit from The Bonded Box (The Date Night Experience) are all great options. Spicing up your relationship with exciting date nights is a great way to keep the spark alive and create lasting memories together. Couples who build date nights into their relationships experience better communication, greater affection and gratitude for one other, and the desire to spend more quality time together.

Now that you have chosen to include The Bonded Box on your intimacy journey, let’s get into what exactly “The Date Night Experience” is, how it can help, and what to do with it. “The Date Night Experience” is great for relationships that are ready to test the intimacy waters. It highlights flirting, being open, and sharing your vulnerabilities with your partner. “The Date Night Experience” encourages intimate connection, allowing you to share your emotional and physical desires with your partner. The items included have been carefully selected to help inspire exciting ways to spice things up in and out of the bedroom. We have a few suggestions before diving into the contents of your box…

Communicate. Talk to your partner. Schedule a date night and keep the date set on the calendar. Where Intimacy Begins: The Workbook, is included in your experience box. Try to take time to read it individually or as a couple prior to date night. We encourage you to read it together but understand this might not be possible with busy schedules. In that case, read it individually. The information included is going to guide you on your intimacy journey together.

Prepare. Make sure that you are alone! If you have kids, plan to have a sitter for the evening. If that is not possible, wait for the little ones to fall asleep so that you have some uninterrupted adult time. We suggest that you prepare your space in a way that promotes relaxation. Dim the lights, put on some soft music, light a candle, and take some slow deep breaths together. Relaxation helps us to have a calmer and clearer mind which can help to put us in a positive space and ease any tension that has built up during the day.

Dive into the box. Now it’s time to open the box and discover what you and your partner enjoy romantically. The workbook is strategically placed on top so you can remove it without ruining the surprise of the remaining contents. The enjoyment and learning that comes from exploring the contents together is a helpful icebreaker, especially if it's been a while since you've felt connected. Lean into the curiosity together.

The Bonded Box Exclusive Spicy Truth or Dare cards may be the perfect starting point and can be used throughout the night at any time. Start out with a few cards to guide you into a fun and flirty activity together. You never know where they may take you. Begin to explore each other’s wants and desires with the spicy truth or dare deck.

Indulge in the contents of the box. Consider taking a shower or running a bath together. Wash each other and take your time. There are massage oils and lubricants included to be used per your preferences once you are ready. A scarf is also included if you feel uncomfortable being uncovered. It can also be used to bind your hands or blindfold your partner as you tantalize their sweet spots. Be open as you share your desires with your partner. Try to embrace each other in a new way and share what excites you. Tell each other what is enjoyable. Also, don’t be afraid to say what you don’t like. Both are equally important when connecting with each other.

Continue to flirt and share your love in the days moving forward. Discover each other’s love languages from the workbook and really put in an effort to show up for your partner in their particular language of love. Take time to send each other texts and relish in your newfound appreciation of each other.

These are a few suggestions to get you started. Putting your own personal spin on the contents along with some spontaneity and creativity will help you to foster that deep connection you desire. There is an entire line of Intimacy Experiences available at just waiting to be explored. Click HERE to order now. Enjoy!!

What kind of date nights do you and your partner enjoy? We'd love your feedback. Please leave your comments below.

With Love,


The Bonded Box

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