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Connection: A Mission of Gratitude

Updated: Apr 9

Connection is a really beautiful thing. Have you ever really thought about the fiber of connection? I mean, ... really thought about it? The process is so unique. The moments that lead up to the closest connections in your life are a trip. It feels like a path that's set out, with a series of twists and turns, that eventually leads you to the special people, you end up loving and calling your closest friends, lovers, and soul mates. What a special gift.

As I sit here and reflect on my closest friends and family, I could almost cry at how blessed I am to have had the honor of getting to know them and eventually love them. The varying degrees of connection and the life cycle of each one of those relationships is also humbling.  We can all look back and reflect on the seasons of our life. The moments that have come and gone and the people that were there that helped you get through the rough patches.

Are people placed in our lives purposefully by the universe? Are the souls we interact with predetermined from the inception? Sometimes, I feel like the choices I made created some of those connections in the most special of ways. I don’t think I’ll ever know or understand the how’s and why’s of connection. What I do know, is that I am grateful for every interaction, lesson, relationship, and special moments that came from each and every one of those connections.

In the beginning of any relationship, the beauty of getting to know someone is like a treasure trove being unlocked. The comfort levels that you slide into are like warm blankets that are ready to embrace you. The creation of memories begins and the chapters of life that are written in between are the events that movies are made of. It takes my breath away when I truly evaluate how connection can be so beautiful and painful and filled with joy and overloaded with sorrow, depending on the season that you are in.

They say that some people come into your life to teach you, some to test you, some to use you, and some to bring out the best in you. The truth in that is pretty fucking deep (Place your crushed heart here). I know in the flurry of memories there are a couple of crushed hearts, scraped knees, and multiple moments of endearment. I‘ve def been at the end of all of the above. The heavy moments were full of lessons and the lessons came in the form of pain, victory, and gratitude.

The ones that are sent to TEACH you, I am the most grateful for. Some of the lesson bearers in my life are associated with pain. It’s crazy that some people can come into your life, earn your trust, make their way through your self imposed emotional guards and then in the blink of an eye, pull the rug out from under you. Whether it be a friendship or intimate relationships, the teachers come wrapped in a spectrum of emotions from happiness and joy to pain and betrayal. Tons of self-reflection was always a part of the process too. There is no better teacher than life. I leave each lesson empowered, self-aware and tired haha. The teachers can also be the users or the testers as well, heads up. The byproduct of these experiences has been resiliency. The ability to fall flat on my face, dust my knees off, and keep it trucking. I am grateful.

The ones that come to TEST you, are your grit evaluators. The tests these souls bring can come in many forms. Your character, strength, emotions, resiliency, inner grit and very fabric of your soul are not safe from these ’bearers of the tests’. The testers come in to shake the tree and rattle the cages. Ugg… the teeth I have spit and the scrapes and bruises that come with these types of connections. Those relationships, for me, were deep. At the end of those relationships, was usually a nice package of pain and betrayal; A heaviness that is unmatched. The byproduct of those emotions, once processed, for me was gratitude. Gratitude for helping me remember that some humans function sub-standardly. In the moment, my weaknesses were exposed, and it inadvertently helped strengthen my game. They are a solid reminder that setting boundaries is essential and that the heart is worth guarding. I am grateful.

The ones sent to USE you are an interesting group. They come in so many forms. These people were usually the people I had the most fun with. They were always down for a good time and included some of my ‘Ride or Die’ homies. They can easily come in the form of your bar buddy, fuckbuddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, family or friends. Yup, it can be anyone that you love or don’t love, pretty much anybody. What does that mean for you? That means you need to be self-aware. You have to be aware of one-sided interactions. Do you care more? Are you paying for everything? Are you the one always picking them up? Do they drain you emotionally, physically, or mentally? ...If the answer to any of those is ‘yes’. Those are your users. Those ones can make their way deep into your heart and create tons of chaos as well. Take heed and be aware. You don't want those parasites penetrating your inner fabric because they don't give a fuck and they will leave you a skeleton of yourself. The byproduct of these experiences has been self-awareness. Staying ‘Trucha’ (translation: Stay sharp). I am grateful.

The ones sent to BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU are blessings from heaven. These relationships are beautiful and the music you create together is a symphony to behold. They are your friends, family, and lovers. Their role is so special. Placed in your life to encourage you on your missions and there to raise their arms with you in your victories. Offering words of encouragement in the valleys and a hand from the top of the mosh pit of life, ready to pull you out, as soon as you're willing to grab on. The beauty and pureness of these relationships is unmatched. Souls from other dimensions united here and now in the meat suit, Wow. What a gift. To be at the right place at the right time and to actually get to meet and invite these beautiful souls into your life is a gift. The byproduct of these relationships is safety and security. You need to nurture these relationships and water them like your own little flower. They will be saviors in the darkest of days and the Rock of Gibraltar as you are dealing with the users, the teachers, and the testers. I am grateful.

Life is beautiful. The connection we make with others is the fabric of our lives. Enjoy every moment. Embrace the ones you love. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and guard your heart. Try to be a bright light in a world full of disconnection. Connection with self leads to healthy connection with others. If you are experiencing difficulty with connection, we recommend The Bonded Box Journal Pack The Bonded Box Journal Pack | The Bonded Box. If you find that you are struggling beyond what is tolerable, please seek professional assistance to touch base with some solid support. Always love yourself and remember that you deserve everything beautiful the universe has to offer. 

Raw Thoughts With Grace

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