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Do you really listen to your partner?

Achieving intimacy can be challenging for some, especially if you and your partner have different communication styles. One crucial aspect of intimacy is listening, and in this post, I'll explore why it's so important when trying to be intimate with your partner.

Active listening builds trust and shows your partner that you value their wants, desires, concerns, and opinions. I've been in a relationship in the past where my partner was more into scrolling through his phone than truly listening to what I had to share. The worst was when this started happening while we went on dates! It was rude and made me feel like he didn't care. It also made me question the level of trust that we had in our relationship. Has this ever happened to you? Did communicating your desires help the situation?

Healthy communication with the one you love helps to establish a trusting foundation. Showing interest in your partner's opinions, concerns, and their highs and lows throughout the day is important. Do you put down your phone, look away from the TV, and/or stop what you are doing to actively listen when your partner shares something with you? I hope so! Because really listening to your partner helps to create trust. Trust is an essential foundation for any intimate relationship, and listening helps to strengthen this foundation. It's as simple as that.

Listening also helps you to understand your partner's needs. Everyone has different desires and boundaries when it comes to intimacy, and it's important to understand your partner's perspective. For example, I need space when I'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious. I need to take a few moments to collect my thoughts and feelings. That's how I work. If I do not share that with my partner, then things could escalate or get confusing rather quickly.

Communicate your needs. Listen to your partner's needs. It's crucial. How will your partner know what your boundaries are if you haven't established them through healthy communication? By listening carefully to what they say, you can gain insight into your partner's needs and desires. This understanding can help you to create a more fulfilling and satisfying intimate relationship.

Feel free to share your comments below. We'd love to hear what works for you and your partner. How do your listening skills affect your relationship?

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