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Does Size Really Matter?

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It’s all about the girth. A wamlog. Yup that’s a thing. But, do we really agree that pleasure is all about size and girth? Does pleasure come that easy? Does connection? I mean, size and girth help, but I feel the most amazing sexual encounters that I have had, had nothing to do with size or girth.

I once dated a guy that I had previously been friends with. He was tall, handsome, had a nice thick dick and was super sweet. We thought that we needed to give fucking a try. This was the next logical step, especially since we had so much in common and a strong sexual vibe between us.

The issue was, we did not connect emotionally or sexually. His days consisted of lifelong rituals and routines. Even after a few cocktails and a joint, he still couldn’t manage to stray from the parallel walls that confined him. I was sad. He had so much going for him and he couldn’t get out of his own set ways.

We never fully did the deed. I think we dated for three months and never were able to find that spark that ignites the emotional part of the brain. The part that feels like you can exist only on breathing each other's air and tasting each other's body.

I wanted a strong emotional connection and earth shattering sex without putting a label on things. I wanted to feel those butterflies when I saw his name pop up on my phone. I wanted him to touch me and get me wet. I wanted to feel my skin melt under his warm hands. I wanted him inside me so bad. I wanted our orgasms to feel so powerful, It would bring tears to my eyes.

He wanted that too.

Unfortunately that never happened. Sooner than later we ended things; we met for lunch and chatted about what happened. I found out he was missing the emotional connection and all the feels as well. I could understand that very well. We chuckled together and decided to stay friends.

I wonder what would have happened if we had used the bonded box? What would have happened if we would have read the book?

We may never have worked out, however, the sex could have been AMAZING.

Size may matter to some but if you don’t have an emotional connection, or a sexual connection, your wamlog may never be opened out of the package.

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