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Erotically Tantalize All 5 Senses: The Sensory Experience

The excitement of knowing that a complete sensory stimulating experience awaits you and your partner is toe curling. With the Sensory Experience, we dare you to be vulnerable but most of all we dare you to play. Go outside of your usual rituals and allow yourself the freedom to explore all your senses in the naughtiest of ways. Date night doesn't have to end after the movie and a world of erotic play awaits you as soon as you and your partner can get some alone time. Your next date night should include mind blowing sensory activities and the tools to make it happen are included in this box. Not only have we officially taken the pain out of having to leave your home to shop and search for the perfect erotic tools; We have also curated a thoughtful, unique, and sense stimulating experience for you and your partner to enjoy. Get your senses ready to be stimulated by touching every crevice of your partner, watching your partner squirm in ecstasy, listening to their moans, tasting their sweet juices, and smelling their erotic aroma all because you made the decision to invite The Bonded Box into your life. This is not just a box; this is truly an experience. The only thing you and your partner will need to bring to the table is the willingness to play, the readiness to receive pleasure, and the initiative to activate The Sensory Experience and unveil its magic. Ding, ding, it’s time to get the party started.

To unleash the full potential of your experience it is recommended to prepare. All good things come to those who invest a little time and effort into intimacy. Here are some universal recommendations to help you enhance your Sensory Experience and all of our other amazing Intimate Experiences at THEBONDEDBOX.COM.

  1. Communicate. Talk to your partner. Schedule a date night and keep the date set on the calendar. Where Intimacy Begins: The Workbook is included in your experience box. Try to take time to read it individually or as a couple prior to date night. We encourage you to read it together but understand this might not be possible with busy schedules. In that case, read it individually. The information included is going to guide you on your intimacy journey together.

  2. Prepare. Clean your room, wash your sheets and if necessary, find childcare. If you cannot arrange childcare, plan on enjoying your experience once the little ones have gone to bed. You do not want to be interrupted when things start to heat up. You want your space to be clean and sexy. In the Sensory Experience, we have included a Dainty Blossom Co. lotion candle, so the lighting and sensual aroma is on its way.

  3. Dive into the box. Please do this together. The workbook is strategically placed on top so you can remove it without ruining the surprise of the remaining contents. The enjoyment and learning that comes from exploring the contents together is a helpful icebreaker. Lean into the curiosity together.

  4. Choose your sensory item of choice. This can begin by lighting the candle or massaging your partner with the lotion from your candle or one of the massage oils. Lay on the bed, flirt, be vulnerable, & laugh. Do all the things that help you to feel connected. Time to play.

  5. Indulge in the contents of the box. Consider taking a shower or running a bath together. Wash each other and take your time. Use the blindfold on your partner as you tantalize their sweet spots using any one of the many tools of pleasure. Most importantly, we made sure to add multiple items that will help with the tantalizing of the sweet spots. The massage oils and lubricants are carefully selected to further enhance your pleasure. Our ultimate goal is to hopefully assist you in finding new places of pleasure as you navigate through The Sensory Experience. Be open as you share your desires with your partner. Try to embrace each other in a new way and share what excites you. Tell each other what is enjoyable. Also, don’t be afraid to say what you don't like. Both are equally important when connecting with each other.

  6. Outside of the bedroom, continue to flirt and share your connection in the days moving forward. Set up your next sensory exploration night and look forward to preparing for the pleasure that awaits you. Be excited and know that the next time you play, the universe is the limit. The undiscovered moments, the undisclosed pleasure spots, the sensory overload that you have yet to tap should be your motivation.

These suggestions are just a small example of the full potential of The Sensory Experience. There are so many different possibilities, and you can make any one encounter focus on one or all senses at the same time. You will need to prioritize time with your partner and keep the momentum of intimacy going. If you would like to enhance your intimacy possibilities, we encourage you to explore The Adventurers Experience as well as any one of our other Intimacy Experiences at THEBONDEDBOX.COM. Lastly, have fun, vibe high, and remember that your experience will be what you make it.

We hope you enjoy The Sensory Experience,


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