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This is for the long term relationship crew... Happily ever after is something that we're taught at a young age. It's in all the storybooks and it's in every fairy tale. As you go through life, you begin to realize that bringing that particular phrase to fruition takes hard work and effort from both parties. Life can get so chaotic at times it’s easy to overlook and not prioritize your relationship. I often find myself reflecting and wondering how I could have approached intimacy and connection differently. Tons of thought, energy, and mistakes were definitely all part of the equation and the truth is… there is no perfect approach. There is no set path or easy way. You just have to do it. You have to work out the kinks, find the common ground, and many times swallow that giant pill of pride, ego, anger or resentment. The time is now to make an effort, start the change, and remember the beauty in all the imperfections.

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