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Introducing Grace

“Touch the stove girl” is probably the best description I’ve heard. The lessons of my youth came hard and were usually the bi-product of a bad decision. I was a teenage mom and married young. I gave everything I had to my family. It wasn’t until my late 20s when I realized I didn’t really know myself very well. It was also then that I committed to fighting for my own identity. I allowed myself to heal, forgive and found my self worth. My kids are grown now, and so am I. I’m still married, nearly 30 years, and can tell you that intimacy takes time and effort. Relationships take work from both parties involved. My advice is: Respect one another, especially during times of anger. Words and actions done in those moments can last the length of your relationship and may even take longer than that to heal from. Also, Remember who the hell you are! In the chaos, beauty, whirlwind, and wonderfulness of life and love, overlooking yourself is easy. Love and stay connected with yourself always.

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