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Introducing Lyn

Small town girl here, well, at least I used to be. Some might say I'm more “worldly” now that I’ve seen a few places and done a few things, but I’m a small town girl at heart. What would I say really defines me? Definitely, the experiences I’ve had with others, the connections I’ve made and the love I’ve shared. I’m a mother and wife first. These relationships have taught me the deepest meaning of intimacy and that sometimes it is about rebuilding. Even when it’s hard. I’m the type of person that if things are bad I make them worse, so don’t fret if you think you are too far gone because you can have a comeback too. ‘Anything worth having is worth fighting for’. My two cents; find gratitude in your connections and forgive yourself and your partner for any missteps you’ve taken along the way. Live in the moment, have fun and enjoy the journey.

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