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Introducing Rae

I’m the modern day hippie, the believer in love and unity, and the dreamer. I grew up in a small town community surrounded by nature. I later spent my young adult years on the warm beaches of Southern California, which will always have a piece of my heart. I met and married an incredible man who challenged me to my very core. We shared eleven years together and were blessed with two beautiful daughters. Our love came to a tragic end after an unforeseen accident. My heart was broken but my story doesn’t end there. As a widow raising two young children, I'm inspired to positively move forward in this world with hope for them and for me. I'm so grateful for the love I shared, and respect how special and fragile life can be. I am now finding love again and learning to navigate intimacy after heartache. Opening up to love after loss requires a great deal of strength and an incredible amount of trust, but if given the right amount of time, effort and healing, a new and deeply intimate love can blossom and grow into something spectacular. My advice to you all is to move forward with an open mind. Stay present, be vulnerable, and relish in the true gift of life. Be thankful for what is and put in the effort with the people you love. It's worth every precious moment.

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