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10 Fun Ways To Initiate Sex

So there you are laying on the couch again, browsing through the Netflix options. Or worse yet, scrolling on your phone. Your partner is there but you aren’t talking, not really. Both of you are feeling a little checked out from the day. Are you touching? Maybe. Are you comfortable? Probably. Are you connecting? Possibly. Are you being intimate? Unlikely. Are you missing an opportunity? Most certainly.

This is the perfect time to shake things up a bit and get it on. If you are the one that is less likely to initiate, you will really surprise your partner by being the one to make the first move. This is a major turn on for the person that usually gets things started. Understanding that this can be a little intimidating, especially if you tend to be the “non initiator” in the relationship, here are some fun ways to help get things going:

Ask Them. Tried and true. The old faithful. “Let’s do it”, “Would you like to make love?”, “Wanna Fuck?”, “Are you in the mood?”, “I’m horny.”, “You want to fool around?” You get the idea. Whatever you think is going to get the juices flowing, say it.

Get Naked. Come out of the room in your birthday suit (if you have children this may not be an option). Crawl into bed when your partner least expects it and slide your naked body up next to theirs. They will love this surprise.

Send a Flirty Text. Tell them what you are going to do to them later that night, send a picture of your panties, whatever it is that you think will get your partner’s engine going. Send it early in the day, get them excited. Even better, send increasingly erotic messages throughout the day to build up anticipation for the night time event. This is a game changer.

Leave a Love Note. Leave sexy notes for your partner to find during the day. If you are the first to leave, put it near their toothbrush or on their coffee cup. Stick it to the dashboard of their car. Whatever you think you can do to surprise them. Leave them wondering about what will come that evening. Your partner will be jonesing for the day to pass.

Get in the Shower. If your partner is already in, climb in with them. Likely, they won’t expect this. If you want them to meet you there, let them know. Consider a toy or two, sometimes it is hard to climax in the shower, but this is a great place to set the scene for some intimate fun.

Kiss them. When was the last time that you were kissed passionately and said no to anything that followed? I don’t mean a little peck here or a tongue jammed down your throat. I mean, intentional passionate kissing. If you haven’t done it in a while, revisit this. It's a definite one way ticket to the bedroom.

Play a Sexy Movie. A really hot sex scene never hurts to heat things up a bit. You can slowly run your hand up your partner’s leg as the intensity builds on screen to get your own scene started.

Read a Sex Scene Out Loud. There are a lot of these options online. Your phone is probably in your hand as you are sitting there scrolling anyway. Start reading aloud, you may have to role play a little here. But oh, won’t your partner be surprised.

Revisit Memory Lane. Start reminiscing about the time when you shared your best sexual experience together. Give your partner a play by play of what you did and how it felt to you. This will help get you both feeling the mood.

Lingerie. If you come out wearing lingerie, words are probably unnecessary. It also speaks volumes if you leave it on the bed when your partner goes in for a shower. If you want to be a little more risque, put your lacy thong in their pocket for them to find as they go through their work day.

Ok, now that you have a few tips for getting the party started there are just a few things to remember. First, if you promise to deliver, make sure you follow through. This is especially true if you rarely initiate and now you have. Your partner will feel disappointed if they have been thinking about being intimate with you all day and are met with disinterest. Also, if you are met with rejection, don’t let your mojo be affected, sometimes this happens. Try, try again. And finally, just being open and vulnerable is incredibly sexy and can do wonders for your connection with your partner. Now, go, get it on.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor,

The Founders

Share your wins and losses as you have explored initiating with us below.

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