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Masturbation, is it Self Care, Self Love?

Menage a Moi and EXPLODE!!!!!

Why is there such a mystery behind women and masturbation? So many of us have been brought up to think masturbation is a sin. They may feel gross if they even THINK about pleasuring themselves, it makes them bad and dirty. Masturbation is something we deem embarrassing or even cheating. WTF?! WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG.

First, the word masturbate is gross. It has the word master in it, so you have some parental/religious feels in there. Or you may be thinking like master sensei, or master like boss. All I know is that masturbating is such an ugly word for such a beautiful thing.

We, The Founders of The Bonded Box, prefer to call masturbation, Menage a Moi; a beautiful expression that invites you to touch yourself. A self-pleasuring term that reminds us, having an explosive orgasm can be self-played. Self-pleasuring is a way to connect with yourselves and figure out what gives you pleasure and, what you may not like so much.

Too many women that I have spoken to have never had an orgasm. That’s right, not with a partner, not by themselves, not in a car, or a boat, or with a goat (Dr Suess). Take it from a gal who's experienced plenty of orgasms. Get it girl, now it’s your turn to take care of yourself. The Founders want to empower you to explore more, have more pleasure, and enjoy intimacy to its fullest. Menage a Moi baby, it’s the cool thing to do.

Is Menage a Moi self-care? Personal Intimacy is a basic human need people. Basic human need. If having an orgasm didn’t feel so good, we would have a lot less people in this world. You need to know how to get your own by yourself. You need to play with your spots, your vagina and maybe spice things up with a toy or two. If adults didn’t have sex, how would they play? Kids play in the sandbox; adults play in bed. Sex and orgasms are fun and exciting and feel oh so so so good. We are grown ass adults. We can make the wild decision to eat ice cream for breakfast. We can touch ourselves if we want to. And you sure as hell should.

The How To Start:

You must get yourself in the mood, just like you need to with a partner. This is where it gets fun. What turns you on? How do you like to be touched? Does it tickle? Does it feel not good? Everybody’s body is different. Explore yours. In this very safe, sexy place, you can imagine ANYTHING you want to. Whether the fantasy happens or not, you can connect with yourself in this vulnerable experience. Practice may not make perfect; however, practice feels really good. Listen to our podcast, Seduction Junction: The Founders, to hear more about fantasies and self pleasure.

The Bonded Box has an entire experience about self-pleasure. It is called The Menage a Moi Experience. This experience is all about you. We want you to touch yourself, use the toys, and above all, have fun turning yourself on and finding the spot that will take you to euphoria.

Check out The Menage a Moi experience at

Vibe High and Lots of Love and Pleasure,



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Masturbation, self love, self care

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