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Oh My Aging Yoni

Just like that, I was middle aged.  I still feel like I’m 21 in my mind, so why doesn’t my body agree?  Is it the health problems that have plagued me that decreased my libido?  Is it my lack of libido that makes me less interested in swinging from the chandelier?  Maybe those forceps deliveries when I had my kids, maybe that was it?  Is it driving to soccer practice, piano recitals and cleaning nonstop that has slowed things down a bit?  Or could it be those perimenopausal hormone changes?  Maybe it’s the few extra pounds and the wrinkles that make me feel a little less sexy?  I’m not sure, but I will tell you that the yoni is quieter these days. I asked around, and this is a thing. Nearly half of aging women report that they have some form of sexual dysfunction. With that, maybe we could take a minute to talk about how to improve our sexual health as we age. 

Sexual dysfunction.  I dislike the medical term because dysfunction makes me feel like something is wrong with me because I’m not jumping on my husband every day.  I really wish we could normalize that the yoni quieting as we age is a normal aging process.  It gets less excited, sometimes it’s not excited at all, desire suffers a little, maybe it’s a little drier all around; all normal variants for women as they age.  I wish we could also normalize that it is still possible to have incredible sex and feel intimately connected to your partner even though you are a little older these days.  That is the take away here.  Old puss is still an amazing puss.  In fact, there are so many benefits to owning a wiser yoni so let's talk about strategies to keep your sex life active even as you age. 

Communicate.  Talk to your partner.  Make sure you are on the same page and that you are both feeling fulfilled with your intimate connection.  Spend time with each and make it quality time, this means not just watching TV and laying on the couch.  Plan and schedule sex if you need to, make it part of your life again, if it has gone by the wayside.  Be open and vulnerable. Communication is great for improving your sexual connection which is great for your overall health.  

Lube it Up.  A lot of women report vaginal dryness as they age.  It’s ok, probably going to happen to all of us at some point.  Don’t be afraid to use lubrication.  There are a ton of products on the market, all different consistencies, flavors, & scents. There is literally something for everyone and these are available at the gynecologist office, the local drugstore and online.  Don’t be afraid to try them until you find a product you like.   

Try New Things. Maybe a new position that will help with pain during intercourse or help you hit your sweetspot now that your anatomy has changed a bit.  Toys can also be a wonderful tool to help with climax especially if you are struggling in this area.  Don’t forget the lube.  Check out our product line at  Our customers love our all inclusive packages that you can enjoy from the privacy of  your home.  

Take Care of Yourself.  Mind, Body and Soul.  Love yourself and your aging body.  Be active, it helps with your sex life and your overall well being.  When you have more energy and sleep better, your intimate relationship also improves.  Be patient with your body.  Learn how to manage your new stage in life and embrace it.  If you are having medical concerns, discuss them with your doctor. If you are overwhelmed emotionally, consider talking to a therapist.  Love the skin you're in.  Those extra pounds and wrinkles are not what is blocking your orgasms.  

Most importantly, remember you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.  You certainly have earned the right to have amazing sex.  Those worn out pelvic floors, carpool lanes and clean toilets are not the definition of who you are.  Reconnect with your inner vixen and find your way back around the bedroom.  Your partner will meet you there and your yoni will thank you.

Until Next Time, 


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