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Pleasure Mapping Gives You All The Feels

Updated: Apr 8

Pleasure Mapping? Have we caught your attention?  Imagine giving your partner an experience that will heighten their pleasure and leave them wanting more.  When was the last time you consciously embraced your partner by tantalizing all of their senses?  Maybe you never have, and think about what a fun opportunity for connection this could be.   Like any map, a pleasure map also includes many highways, the ones here just happen to lead to increased enjoyment in your emotional and physical connection. 

Pleasure mapping is a wonderful exercise to help you improve physical intimacy but just as importantly it helps you to improve your communication with your partner.  In fact, it is the key to the experience because you have to communicate what you like and what you don’t prefer.  It can empower you to communicate with your partner in a new way and lead to much more openness in your relationship.  Worth noting, pleasure mapping is not necessarily sexual.  It is about exploring the erogenous zones of your partner with many textures, pressures, temperatures and styles.  Of course, this can easily be a form of foreplay but it doesn’t necessarily require an ending of climax or intercourse.  It can just be enjoyed for what it is, a fantastic sensory experience of exploration.  

Before you dive into the exercise, take some time to reflect and talk to your partner about what you like and don’t like.  Sometimes it is easier to write things down before you talk about it.  This will be the starting point for your experience.  Recalling previous intimate encounters as you reflect, those both pleasurable and not so can help you to guide your partner to what you may or may not like.  If you like how a partner kissed your thighs in the past, tell them you want them to try this, it will help them to know what you may be interested in experiencing.  If you are new to trying new things, reflect on fantasies that you have or maybe something you’ve read about or watched on TV. A reminder that erogenous zones include those areas that have more nerve endings that can experience pleasure and these are both sexual areas and nonsexual areas of the body.  These include the mouth, nose, ears, back, armpits, inner thighs, nipples, perineum, genitals, anus, naval, feet, ect.  These are different for everyone so exploring the different parts of your partner's body will help to elevate the experience.  

As you get ready to explore your partner, set up your area with everything you want to include in the experience.  A few more tips, keep an open and stress free mind.  If you are the person receiving, relax into the space and fully immerse yourself in your senses.  Stay present in the experience and don’t let your mind trail off. It will take away from your pleasure.  If you are the giver in this activity, stay alert and mindful of what your partner expressed they may and may not like.  Keep your attention on the sensory experience you are delivering and take note of what you find your partner enjoys.  It will help you to elevate your physical connection in the future.  Most importantly, have fun.  It is such a bonding experience to be able to deliver pleasure to someone you care about.

Incredible all in one kits to help you explore your partner are The Sensory Experience & The Sensations Experience available at  These include amazing products to assist you in pleasure mapping.  Additionally, Where Intimacy Begins: The Workbook offers an indulgent Stage 8, guiding you through “Igniting Your Senses” in a fun sensory experience.  Whether in a relationship or doing self care for yourself, pleasure mapping can be an incredible tool of discovery for both individuals and couples. Consider mapping the one you love on your next date night at home.

Until Next Time, 

The Founders

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