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Rejuvenation: Get Fresh with The Bonded Box

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Rejuvenation. “The action or process of giving new energy or vigor to something,” according to the oxford dictionary. When you think of rejuvenating your intimate connection with your partner what does it mean? For me, rejuvenation means bringing that tired and worn (yet comfortable) connection back to life. I don’t know about you, but my tired and worn shoes are definitely my everyday go-to, but it's oh so great to bring out a pair of sparkly red bottoms once in a while. Maybe comparing love connection to shoes is a poor comparison, but I think it helps you understand what I’m getting at here. Remember back to when things were exciting and you hung each others’ every word? Well, you can again. Maybe you have forgotten how fun it used to be? Or maybe you’ve been too busy with everyday life to take the time you need to connect? Here, at The Bonded Box we wanted to give you a little nudge to remind you how wonderful a connection can be.

With that, “The Rejuvenation Experience” was Born. Maybe you aren’t in this group, and you think your relationship remains fresh and exciting. Good for you, there are other experiences that will be more fitting for you. But for those that need to breathe fresh life into your connection, this one’s for you. To start, no shaming your partner when discussing connection. It takes a great deal of vulnerability to be open and honest when talking about intimacy with your partner. Simple questions like: “You actually like that? or Do you really need that?” can shut the conversation down so try to embrace their interests. Take some time to reflect with your partner on how connected you do or don't feel. Don’t assume. You would be surprised how often one partner in a relationship is longing for a deeper connection. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem in your relationship, but it does mean there is an opportunity for growth.

Now that you have ordered The Rejuvenation Experience, what should you do to prepare for its arrival?

1. Communicate. Talk to your partner. Schedule a date night and keep the date set on the calendar. Where Intimacy Begins: The Workbook is included in your experience box. Try to take time to read it individually or as a couple prior to date night. We encourage you to read it together but understand this might not be possible with busy schedules. In that case, read it individually. The information included is going to guide you on your intimacy journey together.

2. Nest. Clean your room, wash your sheets and plan to ship the kids off to grandma’s house. You want your space to be clean and sexy. A candle will be included in your experience so the lighting is on its way. If you cannot arrange child care, plan for enjoying your experience once the little ones have gone to bed. You do not want to be interrupted when things start to heat up.

3. Dive into the box. Please do this together. The workbook is strategically placed on top so you can remove it without ruining the surprise of the remaining contents. The laughter and learning that comes from exploring the contents together is a helpful icebreaker, especially if it's been a while since you've felt connected. Lean into the curiosity together.

4. Start with The Bonded Box Exclusive Connection Cards. These are really helpful to get conversations going again. You will be reminded how much you mean to one another. It is also a fun way to learn more about your partner and to revisit old memories. Lay on the bed, flirt, & laugh. Do the things you used to do together that helped you to feel connected.

5. Indulge in the contents of the box. Consider taking a shower or running a bath together. Wash each other and take your time. There are massage oils and lubricants included to be used per your preferences once you are ready. A scarf is also included if you feel uncomfortable being uncovered. It can also be used to bind your hands or blindfold your partner as you tantalize their sweet spots. Be open as you share your desires with your partner. Try to embrace each other in a new way and share what excites you.

6. When using adult novelty items lubrication is important and has been included in the box. Take turns bringing each other to new heights as you explore your partner. Remember, take your time. Tell each other what is enjoyable. Also, don’t be afraid to say what you don’t like. Both are equally important when connecting with each other.

7. Outside of the bedroom, continue to flirt and share your love in the days moving forward. A love card has been included in the box. Leave it for each other to find. Maybe in his pants pocket or her favorite coffee cup? Take time to send each other texts and relish in your newfound appreciation of each other.

These are a few suggestions to get you started. Putting your own personal spin on the contents sprinkled with a little imagination will help you to foster that deep connection you desire. There is an entire line of Intimacy Experiences available at If this is not the experience for you, another one is waiting to be explored.

Until next time,


The Rejuvenation Experience is now Available At Click Here

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