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Stay Connected Through The Holidays

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”  and yet sometimes it feels a little stressful.  The Holidays can be such a busy time, especially if you have children, that sometimes your intimate relationship may take a hit. All the more reason to slow down and take time to connect with the one you love this holiday season.  Here are a few quick tips and tricks to keep your holiday feeling magical and full of love.  

Communicate.  Discuss gift giving, holiday plans and date nights during the season. Be sure to share with your partner what your expectations are.  If you don’t share what you would like, it is difficult for your partner to know.  Hinting at these things doesn’t work, most people miss hints.  Be open and direct.  You and your partner will feel less pressure. 

Prioritize time for each other.  Check in daily.  From conversations that express appreciation to more physically intimate moments, take a little time to connect with the person you love each day.  Send a text that says “I love you” and hug when you walk in the door.  Remember, the small moments count.  

Manage your expectations.  How many holiday parties will you attend?  What is the gift giving budget for the family?  Whose family will you spend time with?  Also, what gift has your partner been vying for?  Remember, that some people have gift giving as a love language.  ‘Where Intimacy Begins: The Workbook' explores love languages if you are unsure what language you and your partner speak.  Don’t go over budget and don’t expect your partner to.  Gifts from the heart that speak to your partner are a great way to connect, both during the holiday and all season long.  Ask your partner how they would like you to show your love.  

Honor Your Differences.  Holiday traditions can be different for individuals.  Once you become a couple it is important to honor these differences.  Are you frugal?  Does your partner like lavish gifts?  Is your partner an introvert while you love going to every party in town? Do you love spending the holiday at your in-laws home or do you prefer to be with your family and friends?   From visiting different family homes, attending holiday parties  to managing cultural expectations, be open and communicate what you would like from your partner.  Again, managing expectations and honoring these differences is important in supporting both you and your partner’s needs. 

The holiday season can be incredibly rewarding for both new and old relationships.  It's a great time to dive into intimacy and establish a strong connection. It also has a magical way of reigniting the spark if you haven’t spent a lot of time together recently.  If you need a little assistance diving in, The Bonded Box is here to help.  Check out one of our incredible lines of connection experiences available at  

Sending you warm wishes and holiday love this year,

The Founders

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