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Stop And Smell The Roses

Life can be a whirlwind. Youth passes us by and we eventually make decisions to spice things up by having partners and children. At that point, the game as we have known it, officially changes. Now, let’s factor in balancing a marriage or single parenting, job, school, appointments, groceries, sex or lack of, and then sprinkle in all the other ritualistic events of an average day… Fuuucckkk. On some days, knowing your head from your ass is a solid victory. Daily events vary, emotions ride the wave of the day and, at points, it can be overwhelming. Then there are the good days. The days that are absolutely beautiful. The days that are precious and memorable for life. 

What is my rant about you ask? Well… my kids are adults now and I rant because I really wish that amidst the chaos, I would have stopped and smelled the roses. I should have embraced the shitty times way more. I should have laughed through the times I lost my shit. In the moment, I should have released all worries and fully basked in the good times. Sometimes when you're in the moment, you just try to get through it. You're stressed out, money may be tight, the budget may be the only thing filling your head, and you're anxious and irritable. At least in my case, it was. I should not have gotten so pissed at the spill, the messy room, or the latest broken household item. When they were teens I should have been more understanding and tried to find a better way to communicate and understand them. I shouldn't have been so frustrated. I wish I could have been more patient and tolerant. Should've, could've, would've…The days have come and gone and the bottom line is, they are loved and I tried my best.  

So many mistakes but also, so many victories. Life's a trip. If I could grab my younger self by the shoulders, I would look her in the eye and I would let her know that everything is going to be ok. I would tell her to take a deep breath, and enjoy every moment because time passes so quickly and it really is 'The Present'. I would give her the reminder to STOP and smell the fucking roses! I would give her a huge hug and remind

her of how strong she truly is. 

Raw Thoughts With Grace

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