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The Sensations Experience: Foster Intimacy by Tapping All 5 Senses

There is no better time than now to let loose and open your world to intimate sensory play. There's no better way to make your night extra special than by prioritizing connection in your relationship and using the fun activities in The Sensory Experience. It's time to release yourself and your inhibitions and get ready to play. Are you ready to touch your partner using sensual touch, watch your partner respond to your stimuli, listen to your partner's cues of pleasure, taste your partner's sweet kiss, and smell the sensual aroma in the air? If your answer is “Don’t threaten me with a good time,” then you are definitely headed in the right direction. This experience is carefully crafted to bring all 5 senses to life during intimate activities with your partner. Release yourself to the possibilities of what could be and strap on your boots. Things are about to get hot. The success of your mission will be based on your willingness to release yourself to the moment, your initiative to partake in play and your desire to make your partner's toes curl.

We encourage you to prepare for your sensory journey. The moments that have yet to be created deserve a thoughtful effort. The results are limitless and your ability to tap new sensory stimulating activities will require preparation. Here are some universal recommendations we offer to help you enhance your Sensations Experience as well as any of our other Intimacy Experiences at THEBONDEDBOX.COM.

  1. Communicate with your partner. Schedule a date night and keep the date set on the calendar. Where Intimacy Begins: The Workbook is included in your experience box. Try to take time to read it individually or as a couple prior to date night. We encourage you to read it together but understand this might not be possible with busy schedules. In that case, read it individually. The information included is going to guide you on your intimacy journey together.

  2. Prepare. Clean your room, wash your sheets and find childcare if necessary. If you cannot arrange child care, plan on enjoying your experience once the little ones have gone to bed. You do not want to be interrupted when things start to heat up. You want your space to be clean and sexy. In the Sensations Experience, we have included a Dainty Blossom Co. lotion bar so the lighting and sensual aroma is on its way.

  3. Dive into the box. Please do this together. The workbook is strategically placed on top so you can remove it without ruining the surprise of the remaining contents. The enjoyment and learning that comes from exploring the contents together is a helpful icebreaker. Lean into curiosity together.

  4. Choose your sensory item of choice. This can begin by lighting the candle and initiating sensual touch and massage. Your Sensations Experience includes a lotion bar and other massage oils for your enjoyment. Lay on the bed, release your inhibitions, flirt, & laugh. Plug into your senses and release yourself.

  5. Indulge in the contents of the box. Consider taking a shower or running a bath together. Wash each other and take your time. Your box includes Dainty Blossom Bath Co. Bath Fizz and a Luxury lotion Bar with a shave brush to start up the sense stimulating experiences. The massage oils and lubricants included are also carefully selected to further your pleasure. Be open as you share your desires with your partner. Try to embrace each other in a new way and share what excites you. Tell each other what is enjoyable. Also, don’t be afraid to say what you don’t like. Both are equally important when connecting with each other.

  6. Outside of the bedroom, continue to flirt and share your connection in the days moving forward. Set up your next sensory exploration night and look forward to preparing for the pleasure that awaits you. Take initiative to be creative and thoughtful in your planning. Unnavigated sensory activities, unexplored areas longing for discovery, and a plethora of fun awaits your unraveling as you continue to play with the contents in The Sensations Experience.

These suggestions are only a few of many possibilities. There are so many different sensory scenarios and you can make every sensory engagement unique . You will need to continue to prioritize time with your partner and keep the momentum of intimacy going. We also encourage you to explore our other Intimacy Experiences at THEBONDEDBOX.COM. We encourage you to have fun, vibe high, and remember that your experience will be what you make of it.

We hope you enjoy The Sensations Experience,


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