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Two Bodies, 1 Breath

We are so glad you are here! Get ready for a wild ride. Cj here and I am ready to get down and dirty with all of you. We are gonna talk sex, love, connection, intimacy and more sex.

The time is now to reflect! Are you satisfied? Are you wanting more out of your relationship? Do you feel like you wish you could explore more sexually? Do you wish you could connect on a deeper level with your partner?

Because we did! Wanting all of that so badly, 4 professional women, created an idea that led to creating this insane experience that we all call The Bonded Box™.

That’s right peeps. The four of us use the boxes, wrote the book, and most importantly found this amazingly deep love and respect for ourselves. Feeling sexy inside and out (no matter your weight, gender, race, height) creates euphoria and euphoria can create some exploding orgasms. Sounds pretty fucking amazing right? I challenge you to read the book and see, for yourself.

Looking at my partner in his brown eyes, sitting face to face breathing with his breath, in rhythm with his body and inhaling his air into my body and mine into his, we have a connection.



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