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Women Like Sex Too.

It could even be argued that women like sex just as much as men. I often hear from long term hetero couples that women don’t want to have intercourse with the same frequency as their male counterparts (Yes, cliche as it is, I hear it). I think most women would agree that we enjoy sex, but we just have a few more checks that need to be marked before we are feeling the mood. The question I hear from men is, “how do I get my partner to want to have sex more often?" Fellas, I'm here to tell you the million dollar answer:

Sex Doesn’t Start in the Bedroom.

Physical Intimacy for most women is a slow burn. It starts in the day with good communication and random acts of love. This could range from sending a flirty text to folding the clothes that are still sitting in the dryer. It's helping clean up after dinner so she won’t be quite as tired at bedtime. And it's offering her a massage to help her relax as you gently touch all of her sweet spots. Whatever her love language is, speak it. And guys remember, slow burn here, not a race.

Women, we are notorious for being too tired. Take that into consideration the next time you see your partner putting in all the effort to connect with you. Give him the accolades he is waiting for but also, if physical touch is his love language, consider ways to help him feel appreciated too. Remember, that relationships are a dance of give and take and that is what will keep you both feeling connected.

My question to everyone is what gets you in the mood?

Until next time, Lyn

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