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Learning Connection Together 

The Date Night Experience

  • Great for new relationships and those looking for a fun twist on date night.   Encourages couples to learn more about each other through intimacy.  Highlights being open, flirting and sharing your vulnerabilities on an emotional and physical level.  A thrilling way to ease into intimacy.

  • Exclusive intimacy workbook, face masks for two, Spicy Truth or Dare Card Deck, massage oil, lube, candle, lotion bar, scarf and more.  Over 10 items included in this exciting experience designed to help couples connect.  The element of surprise is encouraged with all of our delivery experiences and you will be pleasantly surprised!  Adult Novelty Toys are NOT included as part of this experience.  Brands Include: The Bonded Box™, Exsens®, The Dainty Blossom Co & The Conscious Coconut. 


    *Contents are subject to change based on availability. 

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