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Honeymoon Luxury at Its Best

The Honeymoon Experience

  • Congratulations on your marriage! Now dive into your intimate connection and have a ton of fun in your after events with this luxurious package curated to leave you feeling connected. This package includes everything to help you connect emotionally and physically as you explore each other in the wedding afterglow. Makes an incredible gift for weddings, bachelorette & bachelor parties, and bridal showers. Consider surprising your soon to be life partner with this one of a kind experience.

  • This incredible experience (valued at $400) includes an exclusive intimacy work book, massage oil, glam oil, pheromone fragrance, lingerie, games, luxury lubricants, adult novelty toys, luggage tags and more. Brands include The Bonded Box™, Nauox™, Exsens®, Rock Candy Toys®, The Conscious Coconut® and more.


    *Contents are subject to availability

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